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Agnes Warutere is a dedicated attorney with international experience.

Prior to admission to the Supreme Court of Iowa, Agnes was law professor in Tanzania, a legal researcher in Canada, and a law practitioner in Kenya.

Agnes mainly practices in the area of Criminal Defense; but also handles some Family Law and Children in Need of Assistance cases.

Agnes has represented thousands of clients charged with various crimes, from Murder to Traffic Violations. While many criminal cases end up in negotiated pleas, Agnes does not shy away from criminal jury trials, and has tried a wide range of cases. Representative Cases:

Not Guilty Jury Verdicts

  • Case No. FECR294039: Possession with Intent to Deliver a Controlled Substance
  • Case No. FECR053028: Possession with Intent to Deliver a Controlled Substance
  • Case No. SRCR045737: Reckless Use of Fire/Explosives
  • Case No. SRCR054684: Dependent Adult Abuse by a Caretake
  • Case No SRCR047345: Domestic Abuse Causing Injury
  • Case No SRCR047300: Domestic Abuse Causing Injury
  • Case No SRCR047170: Domestic Abuse Enhanced
  • Case No SRCR046429: Assault Causing Injury
  • Case No SRCR046541: Possession of a Controlled Substance

Negotiated Plea

Story County Case No. FECR046714: Two Counts of Murder in the First Degree:

Agnes was second chair in a case where Client was charged with two counts of Murder in the First Degree. Through negotiations with the prosecutor, Client pled guilty to Murder in the Second Degree, was sentenced to fifty years in prison, and is eligible for parole before serving the full sentence.

Dismissed by Prosecution:

While plea negotiations usually result in reduced charges, through extensive research and investigation, Agnes has managed to get client’s cases dismissed by the prosecution without the need to try them before a jury or a judge: The following is a representation of such dismissed cases:

  • Case No. AGCR046449: Domestic Abuse while using or displaying a dangerous weapon
  • Case No. AGCR046449: Domestic Abuse while using or displaying a dangerous weapon, and Harassment in the First Degree:
  • Case No. SRCR046255: Domestic abuse assault Enhanced (Class D Felony)
  • Case No. FECR048442: Domestic Abuse (Strangulation; Class D Felony)

Acquittal by the Judge

Boone County Case No. AGCR108109: Driving While Barred:

Agnes moved the judge to dismiss the case after the prosecution rested, arguing that the prosecutor did not present sufficient evidence that the client has committed the crime with which he was charged. Case dismissed.